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Social media enables you to quickly connect and engage with your customers and prospects in ways never before possible. But it can be a time-consuming process to be “always on,” especially if you don’t have a dedicated social media team like most small businesses. And, forget about trying to keep up with the latest places your business needs to be seen. That’s a full-time job in itself.

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According to a report on the Actionable Marketing Guide, while small businesses were at the forefront of using social media to improve their visibility, larger businesses are now catching up and competing to take advantage of social media marketing. Unfortunately for the small business owner, big business has fewer limitations on time and staffing, so they can easily build an entire social media department to handle this critical aspect of marketing.

While social media yields increased exposure and branding, small businesses remain challenged to allocate sufficient resources to remain competitive on social media and to track related ROI.

Forrester Research revealed in a study that more than 90% of offline purchases took place after online consumer activity.

The bottom line is that an online presence is necessary, and social media should be a huge component of that. But if you don’t have time for it, a non-existent presence, or a half-hearted one, will not take your business very far.

The Social Media Marketing Services of Little Rock SEO for Growth Focus On:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving reputation
  • Building engaged followers
  • Turning those followers into brand champions
  • Providing useful information and updates about your business
  • Increasing social signals to improve search engine optimization (SEO)

Certain social media platforms take priority, because they quickly create a strong social presence.

These include:

  • Facebook: The grand-daddy of all social media, Facebook reaches users across all demographics and easily relates to B2C as well as B2B.
  • Twitter: The micro-blogging site increases visibility and drives engagement. Plus, Tweets are part of Google search results.
  • LinkedIn: The professional networking site builds connections and can promote you and your company as an expert and thought leader.

Little Rock SEO for Growth focuses on helping companies like yours target new customers and spark conversations using a social media marketing plan that’s customized to your business. Contact our team at Little Rock SEO for Growth today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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